> I am again looking at implementing Javascript charts within a LC browser.
> Looking at amCharts.
> Got a chart displaying easily within the browser widget.
> Tries to print the card but the widget does not print.

I’m using amCharts in another project and ran into the same problem: everything 
looked right in Live view but would disappear when I tried to print a PDF. The 
only way I could get them to appear right was by taking a picture of the 
browser and using that image instead of the live JavaScript in the browser 
(widget). I think hh keyed me into this with his epic knowledge of this tool

      set the width of templateImage to the width of widget "Browser"
      set the height of templateImage to the height of widget "Browser"
      export snapshot from rect globalRect(the rect of widget "Browser") to 
tSnapshot as JPEG
      create image “renderedBrowser"
      set the visible of widget “Browser” to FALSE
      put tSnapshot into image tSnapshotName
      set the name of image tSnapshotName to tSnapshotName
      set the loc of image tSnapshotName to the loc of widget “Browser"

—Andrew Bell
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