On 6/27/20 7:09 PM, David Bovill via use-livecode wrote:
I made a quick test - creating and animating small graphic circles along a complex 
curve with many points. It works fine with one or two animated spheres but I’d 
like to be able to animate >30 and it slows to a crawl after 4 or 5. I tried 
setting the layer mode appropriately for all the objects - but I’m doing this on a 
new MacBook Pro - and it does not make a difference.

Does anyone have an example stack with multiple animated objects that I can 
compare / test for speed?

Hello David,

You're welcome to play around with my sketchbook: https://speedbump.io/shared/yage-sketchbook.zip

Ignore the first card, as it's my misunderstanding of how to effectively use Animation Engine, but the 2nd card uses the movePolygonal command to animate 60 objects across several polygons at about 60FPS on my Ryzen 3700X on Linux Mint 19.3.

Frame rate jumps a tad on Windows, but I don't have a Mac to test with anymore.

Would you be willing to share your stack?

Derek Bump

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