I've been working with the Oauth2 lib included with v9 (superhandy, team, thanks!), and I've run into a snag:

When I call it, the browser widgets opens and goes to the authentication provider (in this case Office 365), and authentication seems to work well.

However, at that point I'd expect the browser widget's window to close and "it" would contain the approved auth scope info.

Instead what I'm seeing is the browser widget window remains open, and it redirects into my Office 365 account. I can close the window manually with the "Cancel" button, but then "it" in my calling script contains "Cancel", no auth info.

Have any of you successfully used LC's OAuth2 lib to log into MS Office 365 or other MS product that uses OAuth?

If so, what did you use for the redirect URL? Or is there something else I should be considering?


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