Hello LCers

On Mac 10.13, LC 9.6

In my stack I have a field on one card consisting of imported text, which is 
typically several thousand of internet searches/file names/URLs.

I search for a number of  keywords, which are then aggregated, and by 
navigating to another card, display summary statistics  on the content 
analysis, in the form of a bar chart displaying the top 20 found terms.  So not 
a lot of data on the charting card.

I have a fairly extreme case of 781,000 lines (80,988,686 chars) in the content 
analysis field, consisting of a web history.

I am amazed at the efficiency of the searching process, which takes a while, 
but is as fast as I could hope.  It is slower than earlier versions, but the 
memory usage stays very steady, which wasn’t the case in 8 or early 9.  I’m 
happy to swap a bit of speed for more stability.  The content analysis works 
nicely, the transition to the chart card and chart displays quite quickly.

I have 2 problems:

1/ Loading the plain text list of URLs from file is slowish, but more 
importantly, for some time gives no indication that the file is loading.  After 
selecting the file, there is a long pause before the cursor becomes the OS 
beachball, another long pause and then eventually the card and populated field 
appears.  Is there any way of letting users know that this 82MB file *is* being 
loaded, they just need to be patient?  Or am I wholly in the hands of the OS?

2/  Navigating from the chart card back to the card containing the big list of 
URLs is very slow, typically taking about a minute from the mouseup on the 
navigate button (or command from message box).  A précis of the message watcher 
shows the delay occurs between the consecutive closeBackground and cREVTable 
messages below.

mouseup 3:55:45 PM (1)

closeCard 3:55:45 PM (0)

closeBackground 3:55:45 PM (0)

cREVTable 3:56:43 PM (58144)

opencard 3:56:45 PM (22)

(In the preopenstack of the big field card, I hide a group containing 9 fields 
each containing maybe 30 words - nothing that should take much time)

Am I just asking too much of LC, or are there any suggestions about making the 
transition between cards brisker? 

Best Wishes,
David Glasgow
Consultant Forensic & Clinical Psychologist

 <http://www.i-psych.co.uk/> <https://twitter.com/iPsychApps>

 <https://twitter.com/iPsychApps> <http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidvglasgow>
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