I am a rookie at web stuff.  I have a couple of end point api’s set up to use 
with simple forms.  Got that working with .lc file that starts using a LiveCode 
stack that does the work.

I need to move hundreds of files from my desktop Mac to my server.   I’m 
looking for advise as to how best to do this.  I was thinking about creating an 
endpoint on my server that my desktop app would use.  But, I don’t understand 
how that might work.

I need some help for some experience web folks.  How do I go about moving 
files?   Most of them are text, but I would like to understand how to deal with 
binary files too (thinking images).  All of the examples I see are for a user 
interface form and that does not make sense for the number of files I need to 

Thanks in advance.
      -= Mike
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