One thing that seems to be missing in this discussion is the point of view of 
the “client”, the one who downloads the app and pays for it. I agree that the 
hoops one has to go through to get an app in the Apple store are a big pain, 
and that it seems unfair for Apple to get a cut of online advertising. But, 
does the end user care? 

I code in Livecode and always curse and struggle to get an app to load onto my 
phone. I also sympathize with the seemingly constant changes to Apple's 
requirements. But, as a user of iPhone apps, I really appreciate Apple’s 
attention to privacy and security. Would I sacrifice the user oriented 
qualities for the developer hassles? Probably not, at least with out a lot of 
other info about how Apple’s hoops for developers impact the user side for me. 
But I would find it unacceptable to sacrifice security and privacy.


William A. Prothero
Santa Barbara, CA. 93105

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