This question may have an obvious answer, but I am brain dead today, so here goes:

I have a app installed with some customers in a Windows network environment. They have all their laptops set so that their Home directories are on a local network server.

So, where as on a local laptop, specialFolderPath("documents") might return "C:/Users/<username>/Documents" as the path, for them specialFolderPath("documents") returns something like "//<username>/Documents"

We save a number of folders and files in the user's Documents folder. In some cases, if the file is not present (i.e. if there is a file tFile is false) we regenerate the file from a default.

Sometime, the server is offline or the user is disconnected from the network.

What is a good way to differentiate between:

1) one of these files is not present so must be regenerated, i.e

if there is not a file (specialFolderPath("documents")&slash&tFilename) then
  -- regenerate the file tFile at location specialFolderPath("documents")


2) The Server (// is disconnected to down?

So that in case (1) , we regenerate the file and in case (2) we present a warning that the server is disconnected or down?

Mu gut says this should be simple, but I just can not wrap my brain around it today.

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