Unfortunately, it didn’t work. It actually crashes the app in Simulator after 
doing it twice(!).

On the first go, it's loading the audio file, by first setting the path to 
empty, then to the actual path. All is fine.
Going back to gallery card, the player is stopped and deleted (as intended, 
Repeating the procedure a second time (go to profile card (same or other), 
create new player, load the audio file) now crashes the app every time, at the 
stage of loading the real path.

This is another flavour of strange, but a step backwards.

I think we’ll try with other audio formats than mp3, to see if it makes any 

If anyone has time, an iPad and interest in taking part in testing, I can 
invite you via TestFlight (my client approves). 
J. Landman Gay via use-livecode 
Some video problems can be solved by setting the filename of the player to 
empty, waiting a few milliseconds, and then setting the new filename.

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