Jacque wrote
> If the Project Browser is open, try closing it. On my Mac, the CPU usage 
> while idle is usually close to 0 when in the background.

Interesting. I would indeed have expected a good-citizen app doing nothing in 
the background to use less than 1% cpu: Mail, Safari. Finder, BBEdit, Keyboard 
Maestro are currently all close to 0% But I never see LC using less than 4.3% 
with no user stacks open, no palettes, no plugins, no scripts, just the IDE. 
Adding revSmartSave brings it up to 15%. The only odd thing about the process I 
can see is the unusually high number of “idle wake ups”, sometimes over 100 in 
the Activity Monitor sampling period: no other process excepting kernel_task 
has anything like this number.

Of course it’s a mug’s game — if that is a phrase in your neck of the woods— 
trying to second guess OS time-sharing parameters, but it does look like LC is 
not a very nice (pun intended) citizen at least in this configuration: Catalina 
10.15.6, Mac Air 2020 quad core, LC 9.6.1 Community! 


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