Dear all,

I have a question.   It's not a very important question and I don’t want to 
bother you y 'all, so if you think is off-topic, feel free to not to respond,  
I'm just curious.

I've been working with Livecode for almost five years, and I never saw a 
LiveCode server  "UNIX" version.

The LiveCode Wikipedia’s article says this: LiveCode runs on iOS, Android, OS 
X, Windows 95 through Windows 10, Raspberry Pi and "several variations of Unix 
(I think is just means Linux)".

I'm thinking about tinkering with a FreeBSD server and LiveCode server,  but I 
didn't see a "UNIX" version, so I suppose that I have to compile it. 
Have any of you installed LiveCode server on FreeBSD (or Solaris)?

I'm just thinking, but maybe there's a small niche working  with LiveCode 
server on BSD or Solaris (still many companies use them and not many people 
develop software for this platforms nowadays).
We have a few companies in Spain (my country) still using Solaris or BSD 
servers (mainly in the Graphic arts business).

PS, I currently work with LiveCode Server on Centos, but it could be 
interesting  to test it in FreeBSD.

Best regards/ Saludos cordiales/ Cordialement 

Heriberto Torrado
​Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
​Director de informática
Directeur informatique

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