jbv wrote:

> But what about devices like Surface tablets that run Windows 10 ?
> Can a LC app compiled for windows run on these devices ?

The Microsoft Surface is an awesome piece of hardware. If it wasn't notoriously difficult to install Linux on (needs a lot of specialized drivers which are included with Windows but not Linux) I'd have bought one long ago.

They use Intel's Core series CPUs, so any LC app built for 64-bit Windows should run fine on them. They're full-featured computers, probably better thought of as a laptop with a detachable screen than a tablet with a docking keyboard.

The only two areas I'm not certain of hopefully others who have a Surface can chime in on:

- High-res screen: Not sure how gracefully LC's latest builds provide resolution independence on desktop OSes (Surface is 220 PPI).

- Touch input: While modern desktop OSes have been extended in recent years to support multi-touch gestures, LC only handles multi-point touch inputs on Android and iOS. Windows does a good job of mapping many gestures to discernible keyboard sequences where practical, so your app can respond to some gestures via rawKeyDown. But if you need true multi-touch support, we'll have to wait for the engine team to add that to the LC desktop engines.

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