I don’t have an answer for that but this post perked my interest in a hang I 
was getting. I just found out why the IDE hangs in an apparently tight loop 
when it's closing. This happened only on one card of the stack. It had a 
closeCard handler in the behavior. A "breakpoint" statement triggered. It was 
from early debugging and does not get triggered anymore. It only triggers if 
all is not well. There is reference to a property in the main stack. Could that 
stack already be closed and the property returns as empty? Because that would 
trigger the breakpoint.

Is this a bug or user error?

Win 10
LC 9.6.1

Thanks for pushing me(more like  a poke) to finally solve this annoyance.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services

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Hi all

Maybe this is not good practice but I have DataGrids with script in the group 
that contains the DataGrid in addition to the behaviour script of the DataGrid. 
  So to edit the script in the DataGrid group I just select the Datagrid group 
I right click on the DataGrid and select the ‘Edit Script’ menu item.   

This works fine on the mac.    I just tried this on Windows 10 with LiveCode 
9.6 and when I try to open the same DataGrid following the same process the 
script editor opens but it does not load the script.  In fact LiveCode becomes 
unresponsive. The script editor dims as if disabled and the cursor when 
hovering over the script editor or any other LiveCode windows  is the hour 
glass cursor.

If I click on the ‘x’ to close the LiveCode project I get the dialog that says.

    LiveCode for Windows is not responding
    If you close the program, you might lose information.
    —>Close the Program
    —>Wait for the program to respond.

Eventually I just select ‘Close the program’ since the program never responds.

I created a test stack with just a DataGrid on it and a button and opened the 
group script and was able to add a handler and then save it and reopen it so it 
does work in a simple scenario.

In my application I have two dataGrids that have code in the group script.  On 
has 290 lines the other has about 480 lines.   So it seems the longer code is a 
contributing factor.

Has anyone else experienced this?  

It the problem that you are not supposed to have script in the DataGrid’ Group 
script and rather put it all in the DataGrid's behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

Martin Koob

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