Hi all,

I'm desperate. I'd written my code in LC9 and tested to put into an LC5.0.2
stack. It worked ok in v9 but v5 throws back an error of 'error socket

This is my only workaround for accessing MySQL using SSL via a 'post'
command through PHP, as suggested by Mark Waddingham and others.

Now I am at a total loss! From what I can see in the forums, LC locked out
'post to https' to only Enterprise users. Arrrghhh!

I don't know what else I can do. Curl is not an option as this will be
running as an app on clients Windows machines. But even put url("https://
returns error socket closed so that rules out setting up a server app too.
Nothing works!

I'm Delirious! HELP!

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *
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