On 25/10/2020 18:51, Bernard Devlin via use-livecode wrote:

In his reply to you I think Alex is suggesting you use the handlers that
come with the  Datagrid.  These can convert xml to a LC array.  You might
find it easier just to deal with a familair data structure rather than
learn XML.

I found them here: http://revonline2.runrev.com/stack/571/XMLAndArrays

But the handlers are also to be found inside the datagrid library in the
IDE (I suspect they are more up to date).

Or indeed on Trevor's GitHub page, which is where I could vaguely remember having seen them.

But wherever you get them from, they do provide a (fairly straightforward) familiar interface of a LC array.

(And give us yet another reason to say "thank you" to Trevor :-)


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