Hi Graham,

PS The only test data I have been able to find for the XCode Simulator is a 
bike ride in California which runs along giving a succession of GPS . It is 
quite useful, but naturally it doesn’t involve anomalies.

You can make your own location simulations to run in the iOS simulator. They 
are .gpx files containing coordinate information in XML format.

I created one for my students to use on my App Development (in Swift) module. I 
managed to hack it together and made a simulated walk/run around part of the 
Liverpool University Campus. To make one these you need GPS coordinates (I got 
them from Google Maps) and times - the difference in time from the last step 
determines the speed that the marker travels from the previous step. Since it 
was done by hand, the times between steps don’t match well with the distances 
and so the walk turns into a very fast run once or twice, but it works as an 

Copy and paste the text below into a text file and save it with a “.gpx” 

<?xml version="1.0"
<gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1";
     creator="Phil Jimmieson and Jodie Zhou">
     <wpt lat="53.406566" lon="-2.966531">
<name>Ashton Building</name>

     <wpt lat="53.406721" lon=" -2.966007">
<name>step 1</name>

     <wpt lat="53.406120" lon="-2.965911">
<name>step 2</name>

     <wpt lat="53.406068" lon="-2.965063">
<name>step 3</name>

     <wpt lat="53.406081" lon="-2.964527">
<name>step 4</name>

     <wpt lat="53.405493" lon="-2.964645">
<name>step 5</name>

     <wpt lat="53.404834" lon="-2.964730">
<name>step 6</name>

     <wpt lat="53.404553" lon="-2.965803">
<name>step 7</name>

     <wpt lat="53.404610" lon="-2.966672">
<name>step 8</name>

     <wpt lat="53.405390" lon="-2.966533">
<name>step 9</name>

     <wpt lat="53.405966" lon="-2.966297">
<name>step 10</name>

     <wpt lat="53.406049" lon="-2.967198">
<name>step 11</name>
     <wpt lat="53.406350" lon="-2.967220">
<name>step 12</name>

Phil Jimmieson
University of Liverpool, Computer Science Department
Ashton Bldg, Ashton Street, Liverpool. L69 3BX
0151 795 4236
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