Sorry if this is documented somewhere but I can’t find it.

On desktop platforms, LC gives us “suspend” which is fired when the app goes 
into the background. I seem to be having some problems with iOS, in that when 
the screen locks (triggered by  user action or a time limit), my app seems to 
stop getting messages from the OS, so is in some sense suspended. This seems to 
call for something like “suspend” for mobiles. Does such a message exist?

Another thing that happens with iOS apps that use Location Services is that the 
user is sometimes asked via a popu-up on the screen of the device whether the 
app should be allowed to use these services when it’s not running. I don’t know 
what triggers these user messages, nor am exactly certain what ‘not running’ 
means - presumably if the app has been properly quit, that’s something other 
than ‘not running’. In the Standalone Settings for mobile, one can set Location 
Services as being a requirement, but there doesn’t seem to be a setting 
corresponding to this user choice.

Has anyone a clear understanding of all this? I would love to see an 


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