On 11/19/20 9:09 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
Hi Mark,

Am 19.11.2020 um 18:07 schrieb Mark Wieder via use-livecode 
On 11/19/20 7:38 AM, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
I think:
   filter fld 1 with "[[]*"
Should do the trick...
As an alternative,
filter fld 1 with regex pattern "^\[+"
also does the trick.

thanks, but REGEX is still a TAD over my head. ;-)

Not really... this is at least as simple as what you just coded:

^ = start at beginning of line
\[ = a literal "[" character ("\" escapes whatever comes next)
+ = at least one of those characters

 Mark Wieder

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