You should be able to use mergAV with the source set as library or album. I use 
the live camera (“video”) to read barcodes.
        mergAVRequestMediaAccess "video"

--Andrew Bell

on mouseDown

        mergAVRequestMediaAccess --“audio” ## DEPRECATED parameter requirement

end mouseDown

on mouseUp

        if platform() <> "iphone" then

                answer "Sorry, the barcode scanner feature is currently 
unavailable on this platform."

                exit mouseUp


                wait 500 milliseconds with messages


        end if // platform()

end mouseUp

on mergAVCamBarcodeFound pBarcode, pType

        answer pType && “barcode found” & cr & pBarcode


end mergAVCamBarcodeFound

> Subject: Re: reading QR-code on Mac from an imported image
> No idea? Anyone?
>> Am 20.11.2020 um 19:16 schrieb Klaus major-k via use-livecode 
>> <>:
>> Hi all,
>> ist is possible to read the QR-code from an imported image
>> on the Mac? If yes, how?
>> The dictionary did not really enlighten me...
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Best
>> Klaus
> --
> Klaus Major

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