I wanted to get this sent before the list digest was sent today.

After the first week of discussions, I’m realizing that CMI5, which is a 
standard profile (subset) of xAPI is too narrow of a topic, so we’re broadening 
to include xAPI in LiveCode. Other profiles include video content, eBooks, etc.

Initially, we discussed the value of xAPI, references at ADLnet.gov 
<http://adlnet.gov/> and XAPI.com <http://xapi.com/> , how a LiveCode project 
might be architected for reuse by multiple teams, and we researched open or 
trial Learning Management Systems LMS and Learning Record Stores LRS.

Also, I mentioned the Team-MakeyMakey, this was our first effort to build a 
LiveCode app for sending xAPI statements. This is known as a learning record 
provider or LRP, this was the initial effort for the Spring 2020 cohort and our 
notes, project videos and source code is up in GitHub.

The Wiki has project notes, and links to the video updates provided through the 
12 week xAPI Cohort:


The next xAPI Cohort begins Feb 4th, it is FREE to register and attend, so sign 
up at xAPICohort.com

Please take the time to sign in to When2Meet at this URL, and let us know when 
you are available for week #2 of xAPI in LiveCode:
xAPI in LiveCode (Week 2)


Thanks for your attention,

Brian Duck
Bduck at Mac dot com

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