According to the Dictionary in LC 9.5.1 there is this command:

open secure socket [from [localHostName][:localPort]] [to] socketID [with
message callbackMessage] [without verification] *[using certificate
certificate and key key]*

However I can't get it to work.

 open secure socket to "localhost:443" using certificate

throws a runtime error "no handler: using"

If I use

  open secure socket to "localhost:443"

I get a socket connection, but all the security of a client certificate
does not work

This causes a syntax error in the IDE:

  open secure socket to "localhost:443" using certificate tName

Looking through the archives I see that a couple of discussions where
people were asking about this variant of the "open socket" command 5 to 6
years ago, *saying that the "certificate" part has not been implemented*,
regardless of what the Dictionary says.

Is it really the case that for the past 6 years LC documentation has been
misleading people concerning the implementation of certificates for secure
socket connections?

I notice in the Dictionary the entry for "open socket" in the table of
options for this command has entries for "certificate" and "key", but these
are both empty.  As if these features were meant to be implemented but were
never implemented and the Dictionary was never updated to remove this
misleading information.

I just find that hard to believe.


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