revCopyFolder is part of the revCommonLibary which is located in the folder 
Tools/Toolset/libraries within the LivecodeIDE app bundle (MacOS) or program 
folder (Windows).

The file revCommonLibrary.livecodescript is not included in the LivecodeServer 
Installation files by default.

You could either copy that library into your LivecodeServer folder on your 
webserver  and make use of the complete library or you just use that part that 
is needed and include that in your LivecodeServer script.

This is the complete revCopyFolder Handler from the common library

on revCopyFolder pSrcFolder, pDestFolder
   if the last char of pSrcFolder is "/" then delete the last char of pSrcFolder
   if the platform is "MacOS" then
      if "applescript" is in the alternateLanguages then
         if there is not a folder pDestFolder then
            create folder pDestFolder
         end if
         do revAppleScriptFull("copyFolder",pSrcFolder,pDestFolder) as 
         if word 1 of the result is "folder" then
            #Copy successful so don't return anything
            return empty
            return the result
         end if
      else return "Error: AppleScript not installed"
   else if the platform is "Win32" then
      if there is a directory pDestFolder then
         set the itemDel to "/"
         if char -1 of pDestFolder is "/" then delete char -1 of pDestFolder
         local tLastItemOfSrcFolder
         put item -1 of pSrcFolder into tLastItemofSrcFolder
         put "/" & tLastItemofSrcFolder after pDestFolder
         create directory pDestFolder
      end if
      # TH-2008-03-11 : Fix for 5465, should remedy problem with copy sometimes 
crashing on vista
      # now use robocopy instead of xcopy if operating under vista.
      if the systemVersion is "NT 6.0" then
         get shell ("robocopy" && 
revWindowsFromUnixPath(quote&pSrcFolder&quote) && 
revWindowsFromUnixPath(quote&pDestFolder&quote) && "/E /NFL /NDL /NS /NC /NJH 
         get shell ("xcopy /I /E /Y /R" && 
revWindowsFromUnixPath(quote&pSrcFolder&quote) && 
      end if
      get shell ("cp -rf" && quote&pSrcFolder&quote && quote&pDestFolder&quote)
   end if
   return the result
end revCopyFolder


Matthias Rebbe
Life Is Too Short For Boring Code

> Am 27.01.2021 um 13:02 schrieb Neville Smythe via use-livecode 
> <>:
> I get a “Can’t find handler (revCopyFolder)” error in LC Server from a script 
> line
> revCopyFolder tTemplateDir,tDirPath
> The script works up to that line. Is there a problem with using revCopyFolder 
> in LCServer?
> Neville
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