I have an app with a group of fields who are struggling to accept keyboard 
input. It seems to just be 1 group of 4 fields on a single card (that has been 
noticed). You can click in the field and the blinking I-bar is inserted, but 
typing on the keyboard does nothing. Pasting text into any of these fields 
seems to unlock the ability to type, as does switching to another application 
and switching back, but only until you leave the card and come back again.

This ONLY happens in executable on Windows, not in IDE and never on Mac (where 
I am developing which is why I missed the bug in testing). Once you unlock 1 of 
the 4 fields in the group they all unlock until you leave the card and come 
back where the problem manifests again.There is another group of text files 
(hidden so not on screen the same time as the offending group) that accepts 
keyboard input fine without any hacks which points to a problem with the group. 
There are no scripts on the field or group itself. I have already tried a 
“focus on nothing” without any luck.

-Andrew Bell
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