Bernard Devlin wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 4:44 PM Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Is this specific to the server "accept" not supporting SSL,
>> or something client-side?
> Hi Richard, it's client side.
> The project is a messaging app, principally for mobile.  SSL/TLS
> certificates issued with client software enable servers to know that
> the connection is allowed at a network level before any user
> authentication.

Thank you, Bernard. In bringing myself up to speed on this, once I stumbled across the phrase "two-way SSL" I was able to find much good reading about it.

I just added Comment #11 to the bug report on this:

    The range of services requiring two-way SSL is increasing,
    and with IoT the scope of use cases is multiplying.

    Where required, I don't see an opportunity for a scripted
    workaround, so in those cases the only alternative is to
    leave LC for a tool that supports two-way SSL.

    This would seem a good time to bite the bullet on this
    implementation. What would be required to make it happen?

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