> - add a keydown handler in the field. Is it received?
This is received under the same circumstances described before. I can’t add a 
breakpoint because the Remote Debugger will take focus from the standalone, 
which is one of the known workarounds. If I add an answer “foo” the focus is 
properly shifted to the field after the modal.

> - add a keydown handler in the card. Who's the target?
The card also doesn’t receive this message until the focus issue is resolved as 
described before… interesting. 

> - any front script or other library intercepting keystrokes?

> - any behaviors?
Datagrid, but not on this field or parent group.

> And if the normal culprits are exonerated, don't forget the more obscure 
> and exotic possibilities:
> - white text, or textshift?
Nope, standard text that displays as soon as focus is properly received.

> - text added but clipped by a tabstop?
No tabs

> - does all your startup code get executed? (And preopencard/stack code?)
No errors thrown

> - is this a real Windows machine or virtualized setup?
Win10 Boot Camp install running through Parallels, but the client who 
complained is on native Win10 box.

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