I'd like to address your comments bit-by-bit, so firgive me for interleaving them in your post.

On 14.03.21 22:16, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode wrote:
I understand, for me no issue. But for a novice, or an elderly someone with very minor knowledge about computers that is already an obstacle. They can find the print icon, that's about it.

AS the proud possessor of a 90 year old Mum I can confirm this.

Op 12-3-2021 om 01:20 schreef Bob Sneidar via use-livecode:
As a print device specialist, I can tell you that printing directly from a web browser, be it a PDF or a web page or anything, is problematic. It is ALWAYS better to produce a PDF then print from a real PDF product. Web browsers give you printing as an afterthought. “Oh you want to print too?? Uh… okay here you go.”

Erm: I assume this message somehow connects with LiveCode, although that is not clear.

Be that true, my comments are based on that:

Yes, printing directly from a browser is utter crap as everything gets shunted around, resized and so forth.
So, printing from a browser is largely a waste of time, paper and ink/toner.

HOWEVER, printing from the LC browser widget does NOT have to conform to what web-browsers that sit directly on the OS do, and it would serve the whole LC community if printing vis-a-vis the browser widget worked in the same
way as, say, printing out a document from LibreOffice.

One would suppose that one could leverage _print card_ in a way that would serve . . .

As long as one's browser widget size coincided with the size of the card on which the browser widget resided one should get something printed out that resembled the web page as it was displayed inwith the browser widget.

Of course (!) this might mean that one would have to have some "funny" code in one's print button:

set the width of stack "BASEC" to the width of widget "WBB"
set the height of stack "BASEC" to the height of widget "WBB"
set the top of widget "WBB" to 0
set the left of widget "WBB" to 0

this might entail quite a lot of the stack disappearing off-screen, but one could have more code resizing the stack back to its "normal" size after the _print card_ signal had been sent.

Will try this later and post images to the Forums . . .

Best, Richmond.

Bob S

On Mar 11, 2021, at 12:25 PM, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com<mailto:use-livecode@lists.runrev.com>> wrote:

Not just LC.

Aha: an orphaned phrase. Gottit!

If you try to print a Gmail message in Firefox on Ubuntu Mate, then it creates also a pdf which is not getting printed.

Doing the same in chrome and it prints correct.

Printing from Firefox to pdf, then open the pdf in the standard pdf reader, it prints also correct.

This was with a Canon inkjet, but there are also issues with other brands. In this it looks like Firefox is doing something weird.


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