Hi folks,
Please can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong here - it seems the revXML 
library can’t finding the node it has just identified…

1. Create an XML tree to represent some HTML... put revXMLCreateTree(tHTML, 
false, true, false) into tTreeId
2. Isolate the section of interest by building an XPath to find it by its id… 
put "//*[@id=" & quote & “test" & quote & "]" into tXPath
3. Check The library resolves the XPath to find a node… 
    put revXMLEvaluateXPath(tTreeId, tXPath ) into tNode
    put tNode  …returns...  
5. Retrieve the section of the tree ‘under’ this node… put 
revXMLTree(tTreeId,tXPath,return,space,false,-1) into field “Test” …returns 
xmlerr, can’t find the element

Any clues?

Thanks & regards,
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