Sorry for the delayed response.

We’ve launched this project in support of the Spring 2021 xAPI Cohort, details 
on this free 12-week educational activity focused on the Experience API are 
available at, and it’s not too late to signup for the free 
learning sessions which allows access to our GitHub for project updates and the 
code repository.

The short answer is: there is more information in GitHub on our discussions 

However - As the team site on GitHub is part of the xAPI Cohort, new members 
wanting to participate (or just to view the code) must sign up for the xAPI 
Cohort to gain access to the GitHub and Slack, where you can request access to 
the GitHub for team-xapi-in-LiveCode. (Sorry this is so convoluted, were just 
seeing this limitation as we invite members of the use-LiveCode list to join 
the team GitHub.)

Our team page says:

We’re working with LiveCode developers to bring them into the cohort and will 
be working actively as a team during Spring 2021 Cohort to bring a LiveCode LRP 
to life. 

Initial Goals for #Team-xAPI-in-LiveCode 
1. Build a Learning Record Provider (LRP) for use as a baseline in other 
LiveCode Projects and publish to GitHub 
2. Utilize the LiveCode LRP to build example training content: likely using 
video profile, CMI5 or others.

There are weekly updates posted on the discussions page, and currently 4 
different LiveCode projects posted in the code / GitHub repository page that 
document the LiveCode projects that have been posted.

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