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> MS Office copy operations are notoriously problematic.
> Microsoft maintains their own clipboard format, so that when
> switching to another product the clipboard must be translated.
> Other apps may do the same.
> The translation does not always go to plan.

Eh ... I think this is a more useful current summary:

1. The Windows blank pasted image bug was about a data stream pointer.
Thanks to the LC Team for looking into that; hope it's merged sooner.

2. There's a crash for some copied image data. Not just MS Office.

3. Mac has image copy/paste troubles too. Also not just MS Office.
I'll report that soon, and we'll probably see improvement.

4. There are dozens of issues with copied content being converted in LC.
I'm crushing many of those with workarounds, so improvement there too!

Is copy/paste between apps effortless? No.
Do users expect it? Yes.
Even with the most popular apps? Of course!
There are problems, but also progress....

Best wishes,

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