Hi list,
I have a request from a client to sync an accounting software
running on a PC under Windows 10 and a database on a remote
Below is a short description of the solution I have imagined,
and I would welcome opinions & critics from other list members,
as I'm not really familiar with Win 10.

- I will build a small standalone app with LC, that will launch
at start up along with Win 10 and will keep running in the
background. Let's name it "myApp".

- some programmable tasks in the accounting software will create
xml files in a local directory when some actions are performed,
for instance : entering a new customer or a new order.

- every 5 min or so, myApp will check the directory for possible
new files, and will send their content to the remote server as
parameters of a POST request.
If no file is found, the POST request will be sent to the server

- on the server, a script will be triggered and will enter the
parameters of the request (the xml data) into the DB, and will
return data relative to possible events that happened on the server,
if any, in the form of xml.

- myApp will write the returned xml data as a file in a directory
on the PC, and another programmable task in the software will read
the file and import the data.

My main concern is the app running constantly in the background.
Is it safe ? Is it Win 10 compatible ? Is there anything I miss ?
Thanks in advance.


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