I have no idea what happened. I’m running LC 9.6.2-rc-3 on macOS Big Sur on M1 
ISA (so it is running under Rosetta 2). I kept the IDE opened for a couple 
days, I was working on a gaziliion stacks at the same time and was not yet 
ready to close them.

The stacks were not doing anything, they were not running “send in time” 
commands or doing any kind of processing, they were just opened. Then macOS 
showed me a dialog I have never ever seen on macOS 10.x, a memory exhaustion 
dialog. Looking closer at it, LiveCode was using 100 GB of memory, as in 
Gigabyte, as can be seen on this screenshot:


I remember things like the “default button” causing leaks due to the animation 
and so on, but all I had was a bunch of custom stacks open and the script 
editor focused. Thats it. It was open since yesterday. 
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