A few days ago, a very impressive post came in here from a researcher at an 
accelerator lab somewhere. I’ve lost the post and may have some details wrong. 
As I recall he was very complimentary of LiveCode as a tool for his work but 
was lamenting that he could no longer easily share his work with colleagues. 
The idea of a LiveCodeLight downloadable from RunRev that opens and runs stacks 
without the IDE, would go a long way to solving his problem. Much better than a 
web served approach, IMHO. 

But, what do I know?


> On Mar 27, 2021, at 9:34 AM, Robert J. Earp via use-livecode 
> <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> But going back to you suggestion, as you know I think LC has totally lost 
> focus on what its heritage was, except maybe LC Server, if that still exists. 
>  If it does, you should be able to develop on whatever, deliver on a web 
> server with LC Server loaded, and anybody could run the project anywhere 
> there is a browser.  Or along with willy and nilly have I totally lost it, 
> which has been known on occasion !!

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