Standalone building needs to be moved to a separate process.

Handling it within the IDE process was fine as long as the only thing the Standalone Builder did was bind a copy of the engine to a copy of the stack file.

But today, building a standalone means deep modifications to the stack file, and this has resulted in multiple successive layers of knock-on effects where design complications are needed to compensate for design complications put in place to compensate for earlier design complications.

The end result of attempting to build standalones within the current IDE process is not merely cumbersome, but disruptive, confusing, and even requires CODE CHANGES from EVERY USER to compensate even further just for the build sequence.

LC has gone from the simplest way to build apps to something no less onerous than most, and more confusing than many.

Standalone building needs to be moved to a separate process.

With that, LC can begin the return journey back on its path to the simplest way to build apps.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

Ralph DiMola wrote:

> I never built a non-mobile standalone for the first 5 years of using
> LC. For a mobile build nothing gets closed and gets built from the
> stack(s) files on disk. What a surprise I got when I built my first
> desktop standalone. I initially thought that something was very wrong
> with the IDE and restarted.
> After some searches I found that this is the correct behavior??? I
> guess there is a reason for closing the stack(s) but I find it very
> odd indeed.
> Ralph DiMola

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