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As some of you may be aware, LiveCode has a stake in a start-up business, 
Kognition. Kognition have a very small team building an artificially 
intelligent way of working with information (using LiveCode).


We have a beta/demo version which we thought could be interesting to share with 
you. What we’ve done is connected it up to the various sources of LiveCode 
information we have, including the mailing list, forums, documentation etc so 
you can find answers to a LiveCode related question as you are scripting or 
building an app. Everything is cloud based so it stays up to date as new posts 
occur or documentation becomes available.


You can see how it works in this tour here:



If you’re interested in trying it and have a little time to give us some 
feedback, the beta/demo program is free. We don’t allow you to import your own 
files in this version, just use the LiveCode data set that we have set up. Drop 
a line to supp...@livecode.com and we will get you signed up to try it out. At 
the end of the beta program this may potentially become a paid resource or 
integrated in some way if there is sufficient interest. And of course we are 
very interested in hearing about ways you might be able to use something like 
this in your own business or with clients, accessing other knowledge bases or 
bringing together specific sources of information. Kognition has the potential 
to be used in a wide variety of settings, anywhere where there is a information 
sitting in one or more system that you need to find answers from regularly.


Many thanks,




Kevin Miller ~ ke...@livecode.com ~ http://www.livecode.com/

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