I have a list field with a number of lines that do not fill the whole height of the field, so a user can click in the empty part of the field below the last line with content

When someone does click in the empty area of the field below the last line, I am not seeing messages I would expect sent to the field. For example, no 'mouseUp' is being sent. I get the expected 'mouseUp' if the user clicks on any line that have content, but not in the space in the field after the last line of content?

Without me trying every possible message, does anyone KNOW what a field does get sent if you click on a part of the field with no content?

For example the field is sized to allow 10 lines visible, but only has 3 lines:
Item One
Item Two
Item Three

The field is set to List Behavior, Multiline Hilites, Non-contigious, and Click to Toggle (Autohilite is NOT checked)

If I click on lines 1, 2, or 3, I get the mouseUp I expect

If I click below line 3 I get no museUp - this last case is what I am asking about? Whould a mouseUp be sent? If not what messages are sent?

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