I have uploaded version 3 of nsScriptDatabase to Sample Stacks, and the 
standalones are at


This version addresses the issues with groups caused by my misplaced 
expectations raised in the thread about long id’s of grouped controls, as well 
as some more serious bugs. Existing users should read the info page accessed 
from the i button. Hopefully this version is finally fit for purpose.

Referring back briefly to that thread, which rather ran away with itself, I was 
struck once again how useful was the old version of the dictionary in which 
users could add notes to the entries, to augment, exemplify, elucidate or even 
correct documentation. In this case I would have added to the long id entry a 
note to the effect that the paragraph concerning the long id of a group also 
applied to the long id of controls contained in groups, even if the group was 
not explicitly mentioned. Did that feature disappear just because of the new 
implementation of the Dictionary, or was it killed because it needed moderation?


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