I am drawing a blank:

If I have the following code:

                  export snapshot from rect tRect of player "mediaConvert" of stack "libHrAPI" to tImage as PNG
                  put tImage into pRefArray[tRef]

The actual image (not a reference, such as a long ID) is placed in the tRefArray[tRef] array element

However, if I have a variable tImageID that contains a reference to an image such as

image id 10328 of card id 10001 of stack "X"

How do I get that actual Image stored in the array?

put tImageID into pRefArray[tRef] -- results in the array element storing the long ID

put (tImageID) into pRefArray[tRef] -- also results in the array element storing the long ID. I thought the () might for the long ID to be evaluated to an actual image

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