Hi list,

I have a serie of text files in UTF-8 format for which I need to do some processing in LC,
and then save to a single text file also in UTF-8.
I am using the following code :

      open file tpath for UTF8 read
      read from file tpath until EOF
      close file tpath1
      --put it into tfile
      put textdecode(it,"UTF-8") into tfile

--    processing

      open file tpath2 for UTF8 write
      write liste_credits to file tpath2
      close file tpath2

If I use "put it into tfile" instead of "put textDecode...", the text content is full of typical
gibberish (such as "√¶" instead of "æ").
I thought the latest LC versions could process UTF-8 natively. So why is "textdecode" necessary
to obtain special characters in their true form ?
Thank you in advance.


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