Largely because I'm not crystal clear as to how to frame the following
request for information, I'd VERY MUCH appreciate if the LIVECODE mothership
could point me in the right direction.


Currently I am using LIVECODE Business Edition v 9.6.1 (build 15522) on a
Windows 10 PC (not a server) with the latest updates installed.


The recent discussion regarding : ".the following tsNet features are in
included in the Pro Features ." from matthias rebbe posting from July 15
suggests that I could greatly simplify a significant application I developed
and manage for a major Health Care Laboratory here in Canada. The features
enumerated might be able to eliminate a very expensive 3rd party SFTP server
I currently employ for communicating and transferring very sensitive medical
information to external clinics and hospitals (over 5,000 of them).


I would sincerely appreciate if someone could give me even a ballpark dollar
figure I'd have to pay in order to upgrade my current license (see above) to
whatever is necessary to incorporate the "tsNet Pro" features Matthias
described.  I only need the one development license for Windows since I
distribute the app from the STANDALONE feature of LIVECODE.


Hopefully that's enough information to frame my request so I can pass a
fairly accurate cost estimate to the end-user.



Doug Ruisaard

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