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I don't think "wait 0" by itself does anything useful. Make a stack with two buttons. Running the script in the first button will prevent mouseUp events in button 2 from being processed.

I think it must do something, "wait 0" is a workaround for bug 22453 (and 18924 which is now marked as a duplicate.) I had to use the workaround and it works.

So my take is that any wait allows LC to do housekeeping, and "with messages" also allows app-generated messages. I'd like to get a confirmation from the team though.

That's pretty bizarre. I wonder what's going on. All I can think of is that processing the wait command gives the java JNI command enough time to recover before processing the mobileControlSet vscroll command. And ios wouldn't need that extra time because there's no java interaction.

 Mark Wieder

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