Sean Cole write:

> I was particularly asking if there was any 'advantage/disadvantage'
> in using
>  dispatch myHandler with myVar
> over just using
>  myHandler

In coding as in life, when in doubt leave it out.

If something isn't needed it's usually simplest to not go out of your way to add it.

The message path is fine.

It works reliably, and with as much efficiency as the team can throw at it. In most cases it's not only the easiest thing to type and the most efficient to execute, its simplicity and predictability also aid debugging and maintenance.

For those times when you need an exception to the message path, LC provides many. Send, do, call, dispatch, etc. - each has their own unique set of tradeoffs that make it a good fit for the specific circumstance where the native message path isn't what you need.

But those are for exceptional circumstances.

The native message path is the norm of this language.

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