Hi all,

So I’ve been experimenting with web deployment with LC 10 dp 4. Now I would 
like my stack to be able to react to resizeStack events when the browser window 
is resized by the user. Or to adapt to e.g. a mobile browser screen size.

For this, if I understand correctly, some javascript needs to be used. I’ve 
tried to piece together how to do that from these sources:

and Ali Lloyd’s cool WordLC app:

where he uses window.addEventListener(”resize” […] etc in the html file to 
catch browser window resizing for the stack to react on. However, as I can’t 
see his LC script side of it, I fail to figure out the proper adaptation to my 

I want my stack to get, from javascript, the impulse that the browser window 
has changed its width/height and what the new width/height is, in order to 
trigger a normal resizeStack handler to deal with that.

Ideally, the javascript part of this should be included by LC in the standalone 
build, and I hope that’s what they plan at least when LC10 stable ships (seems 
logical), but in the meantime - can someone please help get the code right?

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