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> It seems to me, someone who has done zero mobile development, that this 
> function has no meaning on an android, and should therefore return empty to 
> avoid unanticipated runtime errors. There should be however a function to get 
> the screen rects of an android. Does the effective working screenrect do it 
> for you? 

Sure, but that is not the problem.

> I see that your goal is to try and avoid platform checks,

Yep, that is the goal, lazy moi! :-)

> but iOS and Android seem to be such diverse OS platforms that checks are 
> unavoidable. There are a TON of commands and functions beginning with iPhone.

Yes, and I still naively think that the IDE should just ignore these, so "if 
the platform = "mobile..." would not be neccessary anymore. 8-)

> I stopped counting at 30 and I wasn't half way through. If all of these 
> functions are to equivalent values for the Android OS, we'd be waiting 5 
> years for the enhancements. 
> Just my ignorant 2ยข
> Bob S
> iPhoneSafeAreaInsets() returns EMPTY on Android


Klaus Major

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