Thanks Ralph, that looks interesting. I see:

if ${condition:expression} then
   ${-- true code:statement}
else # ${condition}
   {-- false code:statement}
end if # ${condition}

Not sure how to use that but I will research. Thanks. 

Bob S

> On Aug 25, 2022, at 10:24 , Ralph DiMola via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> In the edit=>options of the SE there is an option to turn autocomplete
> On/Off. There is also edit=>Autocomplete Snippet Manager. I have not used it
> but it looks interesting. It may solve your problem with the "alternate"
> option?
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
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> Subject: Exclude Keywords from Auto-Complete
> Hi all. 
> I just submitted an enhancement request to create a new global property of
> keywords to exclude from the SE Auto-Complete feature. The reason is,
> whenever I type "of me" in the SE, I get suggestions for mergeDeploy, and if
> I hit tab to reformat the script or to move to the next parameter of an
> auto-complete suggestion, it replaces "me" with the first mergeDeploy
> suggestion. There are other scenarios I've run into as well. 
> Also, I looked in the SE preferences for auto-complete, but did not find an
> entry. There is one for Auto Format, but that enables/disables the
> auto-indent feature. Hopefully they are not both enabled/disabled by that
> one check box. 
> Bob S

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