Got it figured out. It just doesn't work on linux.

On OSX when executing scEnabledPlugin <filename> I get the error

A stack with the same name as ...
Before loading /Users/<me>/Documents/My LiveCode/SmartCrumbsVCW/extensions...
what do you want to do with stack:

So it looks like scInstallPlugin installs a copy of the plugin into a *very* specific hardcoded directory, no matter where I placed the source to start with. And no doubt calls specialFolderPath("documents") in order to figure out where that should be.... and of course that call doesn't work on linux, so it probably just gives up silently. I'm guessing the correct call should really be to revEnvironmentUserPluginsPath().

Not going to bother filing a bug on this. I rather expect LC to drop linux support any day now anyway.

 Mark Wieder

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