Hi Panos,

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> Hello Paul,
> You can tweak this file with a text editor:
> /Applications/LiveCode 9.6.9 (rc
> 2).app/Contents/Tools/Toolset/palettes/answer-dialog/revanswerdialog.livecodescript:
> /* Creates the prompt field if there is not one already created */
> if the number of fields of me is 0 then
>   create field in this card of me
>   set sharedText of it to true
>   set dontWrap of it to false
>   set lockText of it to true
>   set opaque of it to false
>   set traversalOn of it to false
>   set showBorder of it to false
>   set vScrollbar of it to true
>   set width of it to 293
>   set height of it to 342
>   set the fixedLineHeight of it to "false"   /// <---- ADD THIS LINE
> end if
> Note you have to quit LC first, then make this change, then save it.
> Kind regards,
> Panos

are you sure that we are allowed save a file inside of an application bundle 
inside of the APPLICATION folder on macOS?



Klaus Major

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