Dear LiveCoders,

Many of you here remember Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami (some of you met him as 
Sannyasin Sivakatirswami many years ago). Swami has always been a champion for 
LiveCode and together with other other monks in Kaua’i Hindu Monastery built 
what is probably the largest LiveCode-backed website available on the net. He’s 
been a constant fixture here on the list for many years and many here been at 
some time or another worked with him on various projects. I’m sad to say that 
Brahmanathaswami passed away this week on Hawaii. His life has been full of joy 
among his beloved monks in a paradise Island full of love and sunshine. 

I’ve worked with him there on and off for the best part of maybe 18 years 
(we’re not exactly sure when I started), he’s been a great friend and together 
we built many wondrous things with LiveCode. I’ll forever cherish those years, 
and I hope you all remember him fondly today as well.

Kind regards
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