I am experiencing some very strange behavior of a standard Livecode option
menu on Windows 7 - the same menu works perfectly on OS X.  The only
perhaps slightly unusual situation is that the option menu is in a
customised datagrid column.

The option menu contains various comparison operators, such as +,<,>,
<=,>=, etc and its menuhistory is initially set to 3 which equates to the =

The = sign is visible in the option menus on every row of the datagrid
except whichever row is currently selected in the datagrid, whether
selected by script or clicked on by the user.  On that row the option menu
appears to be blank.  However, when I click on it to show the options list,
the = sign appears and is highlighted but all the other options in the list
appear blank until I move the mouse over one, then the option appears in
the display.

As mentioned this does not happen on OS X, just on Windows.

I'm afraid this sounds like some sort of weird bug related to Datagrids,
option menus, and Windows but hoping someone might be able to shed some
light on it.


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