On 01/30/2016 06:13 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
Property sets appear easer to get and set across “sessions” (different times 
during dev) than putting an array into a property. I don’t see you could set 
just one element of tArray  if it was contained in a property without taking it 
out and putting it back in.

Am I wrong?

I forget what the original problem was/is, but...

if you just want to store an array as a custom property of an object and set and retrieve the elements, then the array itself becomes a custompropertyset:

put the rect of the last image into tRect
set the uEffects["startsize"] of the last image to tRect
set the uEffects["name"] of the last image to "ganesha"

You now have a custompropertyset named "uEffects", and you can treat it as a serialized array property of the image, or you can retrieve it as an array and use it that way.

-- use individual elements
put the uEffects["startsize"] of image 1 into tNewRect
set the uEffects["towel"] of the last image to 42

-- get the entire array at once
put the uEffects of image 1 into tArray

 Mark Wieder

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