Charles and Matthias—thanks to both of you! Works like a charm now that you’ve 
shown the way:) The line by line explanations and updated sample stack were 
FWIW, hostm apparently allows either TLS or SSL but their docs use TLS (port 
designation 587 or 465) as the “right” way. 

I have the list set to digest so apologize for the delay in thanking you 
both.You have helped me overcome a really tedious monitoring job ---from a web 
interface to a swimming pool controller to a handy LC style “email me if you 
have any issues with chlorine or PH, etc. I do volunteer work for a non-profit 
with a fairly large (160,000 gallons)  swimming pool and we just installed 
Prominent DCM5 chemical controllers/monitors. They do have a built in web host 
that exists on our local network but who wants to vpn at all hours of the day? 
Livecode is perfect for scraping data from an old taco cgi, building a little 
logic and posting data to a simple db. It also sends out a notice once daily as 
well as warnings if things go really wrong—thanks to you now all in a simple LC 
app that launchd tickles once/15 minutes for data logging.

> On Sep 16, 2016, at 4:55 AM, wrote:
> If you are using FTPS in implicit mode, then you just need a URL 
> starting with "ftps://" and you do not need the "use_ssl" setting.
> If you are using FTPS in explicit mode, then you need a URL that starts 
> with "ftp://"; and you must use the "use_ssl" setting to invoke TLS.

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