JsonImport and JsonExport are not in the "LiveCode Script" dictionary. You
need to switch to "JSON Library" from the dropdown.

mergJSON, easyJSON and fastJSON all output numeric-keyed arrays as JSON
arrays, if you need JSON arrays then you definitely need one of them (ie -
the stuff within a square brace). For my purposes with CouchDB, the JSON LCB
library is insufficient.

mergJSON's  "pretty" mode is great for displaying a readable JSON, it
alphabetizes keys and indents based on depth

I put together a couple of functions a while back to make a readable JSON, I
haven't updated it in a while. It does not sort keys alphabetically, just
adds whitespace to indent key/value pairs based on depth

if needed:   
FastJSON (still being maintained):  https://github.com/bhall2001/fastjson
EasyJSON (stable, but not updated in several years):  

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